What is Back URL?

If for any reason an advertiser is unable to receive your traffic (e.g. because filter Regions = Russia is not configured in the offer) and a visitor residing in other country is coming from your side, the user is redirected to the link indicated as Back URL value. Thus, you prevent your traffic from being wasted if an advertiser is unable to receive it. Also, Back URLs are used if the offer is terminated or the account is locked.

Back URL page

Back URL page

On the main tool page you can:

  1. View created Back URLs
  2. Create new Back URLs
  3. Edit Back URLs
  4. Delete Back URLs

Creating a new Back URL

To set new Back URL, click icon Create (2).

  1. Complete all fields with an asterics on the page when prompted.
  2. Please note: only affiliate link can be entered into URL field. Third-party links are not allowed for Back URL.
  3. To set the Back-URL for all offers by default, select the relevant checkbox in Default.


To edit created Back URL, select it and click URL_button_edit Edit icon.

Edit all required fields on the page when prompted.


rurl deleting

Select checkboxes for Back URLs you want to delete. Click Delete icon.

Linking a Back URL to an offer

rurl setting

To link Back URL to an offer, go to Offers | Web-Offers or Offers | Mobile Offers and click Link Back URL icon next to the offer.

If Link Back URL button URL_button is inactive, you don’t have access to this offer.