Travel Form


Travel Form will run both on a desktop and on a mobile version of the site.

Primarily, this instrument is designed for the publishers working in the tourism sector. The Travel Form ensures fast and easy booking of tickets and tours on the offers provided in our system.

You can post such (or custom) Travel Form on your site to provide your visitors with an option to access the particular information they are looking for, in a few clicks. After the visitor completes the fields and clicks Find, the Form redirects the visitor to the advertiser’s site (using the webmaster individual affiliate link) based on the search data.

Technical considerations

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Please see How to configure Travel Form.

After you configure Travel Form, you receive the code string to embed in your site.

All Travel Forms are stored on our system’s side. The code you embed in your site simply refers to our server to download the configured Travel Form. In means that after the form is updated in our system, it is also updated on your sites (on all sites where the code is embedded).

Travel Form section

The page Tools | Travel Tools | Travel Forms contains the following options:


You can’t delete the Travel Form. Otherwise, accidentally deleted Forms could give webmasters a hard time.

  1. Button Create containing the form designer.
  2. The list of all Forms you previously added.
  3. You can change or reconfigure any Form.
  4. You can get the Form code and embed it in a particular site.

Adding a Travel Form

To add new Travel Form, go to Tools | Travel Tools | Travel Forms and click Create. Travel Form designer opens.

In the designer, you can configure the Travel Form look and feel, and select the functions available to the visitors:

  1. Don’t forget to name your Form.
  2. Up to 5 subaccounts can be assigned to each Form.
  3. Please pay particular attention to Form Settings | Offers, and select the ones you want to work with. To be safe, review the business terms set under Offers | Offer Card | Terms.
  4. In Design Setup select the template, and configure the form look and feel as required (settings at the left).
  5. After you configure all settings, please see the preview and click Save and get the code. if you are satisfied with the result. You get the code of the Form just created and can embed it in your site.