System account

After registration and confirmation each user will get a personal account in the system. Email address is used as the account ID, so take care not to forget your email address.

An account in our system gives endless opportunities to users. It can be used to provide traffic to the best offers and work with many trusted partners. However its main purpose is to store the personal information and settings of the user

Users can manage their accounts in the first section of the interface, i.e. Home. To adjust or add information go to your Personal account in the Home section or just click your email in the top right corner.

Account status

Basically, we use ranking of publisher statuses to manage risks. As you know, we are positioned between a rock and a hard place: between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers need high-quality traffic and they are ready to pay for it, while publishers need multitude of various offers.

Publishers expect a wide range of offers they could work with. And we must satisfy both =)

To establish a comfortable environment for cooperation between advertisers and publishers we use ranking of statuses.

Basic status

A new publisher will receive the Basic status. It’s the most important publisher for us. On the one hand, it’s a partner who does not know us, and the partner whom we don’t know too (he/she might be a fraudster?). On the other hand, such partner is our future development, and we just don’t have a right to ignore him/her. That’s why we put lots of efforts to make Basic publishers comfortable to work with us.

This group is offered the lightest traffic requirements, the main thing that we demand from this group is no frauding. But we also understand that this group has the highest risks, and we cant put the advertisers’ money to risk, so we offer a limited set of offers to Basic publishers. Such an approach protects the interests of the advertiser and still allows Basic publishers to earn money.


If a publisher provides lots of high-quality traffic and proved to our staff that he or she seeks an effective cooperation, then it will be our pleasure to offer more earning opportunities by upgrading the publisher’s status to Advanced. This group has more privileges, can use more offers that are often more expensive than basic offers (while advanced publishers still have access to basic offers and they can continue working as before). However, there’s the other side of the story. Traffic requirements for the Advanced publishers are higher, but the battle is worth the blood :).


The next level of trust to publishers is the VIP status. Only skilled professionals can get this status. Such publishers have much higher volumes of traffic compared to the previous groups, they are professionally involved in the Internet marketing and aim at high performance figures. We develop unique programs for such affiliates to satisfy both parties: advertisers and publishers. In most cases VIP partners will have a personal manager.

So, publisher status is a parameter of the account that depends upon the traffic volume, quality and period of publisher cooperation with us. Publishers with higher statuses will get more profitable offers, but also we’ll be more demanding to the traffic quality of publishers with higher statuses.

Where to Find an Account Status

Account status is a property which cannot be edited by a publisher. It is usually shown in the section Office | My profile | Account for information purpose.

Account Status

What your account status is about

In the system your account is all about only one thing. The higher your status is, the more offers are available for it. Here is simple arithmetics: with Basic account you can access only Basic offers, and with Advanced account both the Basic and Advanced.

If you really like an offer you can’t access because of your account you can always ask our technical support to give you access. You can send a quick access by pressing button Get offer on the Offer card. We are ready to compromise the rules and provide you access to an offer with Advanced status:

  • If you earned at least 10 000 rubles during last 2 months.
  • If you use the web-site as a traffic source, it is required to have at least 100 unique users at your resource.
  • If your source of income is in groups on social networks, it is required to have 100 unique visitors a day minimum.
  • In other cases we kindly need you to send us screen shots proving your experience of working with such type of traffic.

How can you upgrade your account

To upgrade a publisher’s account status, we need to ensure that his work is effective and he works with us without breaching any rules. If you intend to upgrade your account. contact our technical support support.

Account settings

A publisher can edit all information in My profile, except:

  • His status
  • Electronic mail addresses
Account settings

We recommend you to pay close attention to the following:

  1. Personal information | Time zone a time which will be set for an account and, first of all, it will affect statistics. Our statistics operates in two time zones: Moscow and São Paulo, if an account time zone is different from these two, the Statistics will work in Moscow time by default.
  2. Safety setting is a tab, where you can change your account password.
  3. Account setting is a tab, where you can change your account currency.