Domain parking

What is it?

It is a tool allowing to avoid blocking when using partner links, and to undergo even the most complicated moderations. You will be able to replace the domain in the standard partner link with any of your domains.

How does it work?

For a start, you have to be a domain owner and to have access to its hosting.

When adding your domain to the section “Domain parking”, you will have a possibility to get the partner link with the use of your domain. This will considerably decrease the risk of blocking your link. There are no limitations or the number of domains that you can park.

How can it be set up?

Step 1.

Going to the tool “Domain parking”:

Tool page

There are two ways to park the domain to us (both will be described in these guidelines).

By clicking the button “Park domain”, and the following window will appear:

Tool description

Step 2 Choose the most convenient way to park the domain. To do this, one of the following ways can be used:

Option 1 Add the CNAME entry with the address: to your domain DNS editor, and add the domain to us.

Option 2 Add the A entry to your domain DNS editor, and add the domain to us.”

Step 3 In the field “domain”, specify the domain you want to park. If you wish, you can leave a comment in the respective field. Then, click the button “park”.

Step 4 Typically, the request is processed quickly, but in some cases, it can take some time. With the correct domain parking, you will get the following window with a message:

Parking status

Step 5 You will see a table with all the parked domains and with the same domains that were used in the parking process. All the possible statuses are specified in the screenshot.

All parked domains and there statuses

Step 6

Going to the offer where you would use your domain instead of the standard partner’s domain from CityAds.

Offer card

Step 7

Instead of the domain by default, select one of the parked domains. A link to the offer will change automatically.

Сhoosing a domain for parking

Step 8

Insert a link with your domain into the place scheduled, and start sending traffic.

Link with parked domains