Once launched, the offer becomes fully operational. Every day special promos are announced in our system, current banners and landing pages are added. Quite often there are changes to working conditions under the offer, as we seek to provide improved payments and exclusive offers for you. There might also be technical problems, and the offer can be temporarily suspended.

We know how important it is for you to be aware of the offer updates and therefore we make sure to notify you on all the developments. For this purpose there are two tools:

  1. Email newsletter. Every day we distribute a Digest with all the new information on the offer.
  2. The Home | News section in the interface. The main advantage of the Section is a possibility to use convenient filters to choose from offers, languages of display or types of news.

Besides the news about offers, we always tell about system improvements and important company events. To read the news, use filters News type = System update and News type = Company news in Home | News

Language of the news

We are proud of being an international company. And our offers are international, too. Each offer is managed by a regional team. Therefore the news about each offer is always written in two languages:

  • English,
  • the local language of the newsmaker

For this reason using filters in Home | News has its features: if several options or even all options are checked in the Office field, the news will be automatically displayed in English – the default language for all our offices.