Agent cabinet

In our affiliate network publishers can work with external ad targeting systems (VKontakte, MyTarget, Yandex.Direct).

Regular users can apply to various ad targeting systems and work with them independently. But in most cases these systems will reject the “non-native” links and redirects. Thus, if the publisher decides to publish the affiliate links in these a targeting systems, he or she will face the moderation problems or will be even banned.

To avoid refusing the redirects to the links of our affiliate program we concluded the agreements with several systems (VKontakte, MyTarget, Yandex.Direct) so that all accounts registered in our agency account could work inside such network. I.e. the external system trusts our affiliate program and all who we bring in. Technically this is implemented using the Agent cabinet.

By now three Agent cabinets are available:

  • VKontakte. The currency of this agency account is RUB.
  • MyTarget. The currency of this agency account is USD.
  • Yandex.Direct. The currency of this agency account is EUR.

Benefits of the Agent cabinet

Using the Agent cabinets in our network publishers will get the following benefits:

  1. Publishing our links in advertising campaigns. It means that redirects of the partner network will not be refused by the ad targeting systems.
  2. Convenient way of replenishing the balance in the ad targeting system of choice. If you work with our agency account, you can recharge your balance in one click using the Home section.
  3. All benefits of the partnership. Our system offers bonuses to publishers working with the ad targeting systems through our Agent cabinet.

How to enable the Agent cabinet

Thus, to publish links from our network in the ad targeting systems publishers need to register in our Agent cabinet of this system. Registration is made through our tech support support.

Publishers just need to submit a request support asking to activate the selected Agent cabinet. After that we’ll add the publisher to the white list and configure the wallet recharging.

What you need to activate the Agent cabinet:

вКонтакте MyTarget Яндекс.Директ
VKontakte account. Add the account ID to the activation request. |br| Account balance exceeding 2000 rubles. This money will be transfered to your personal VKontakte account. New account in MyTraget network. This network imposes some technical limitations on the Agent cabinet, functionality, thus contact the tech support for detailed instructions on creating new accounts that can work with the Agent cabinet. The tech support will create an account in Yandex.Direct for you, and this account will be connected to the Agent cabinet of our network.