In Internet marketing, the definition of advertisement is a lot wider than it seems. Technologies offer us ways to track the user’s actions, and we can estimate advertisement effectiveness. All in all, online advertisement isn’t a simple ad, but rather a chain, from the user to the ad to action.

What are offers?

An offer is a term you will hear often if you are in affiliate advertisement business. Basically, an offer is an advertisement request. The advertiser posts an offer in the system, sets their requirements (for example, allows or forbids traffic from social media) and quotas for specific actions.

Offer goals are the user’s actions paid for by the advertiser.

An offer may have several different goals which all relate to the same advertising campaign. Each goal may have specific requirements and limitations on the user’s actions, e.g. restricted geographies. Also there are tools for you to work on the offers, such as banners. Advertisers may provide plenty of useful things to interest publishers in their offer. You can even say that an

... is an advertisement campaign by a single advertiser, and it often comes with different materials and unique goals.

Existing types of offers

Our affiliate network features numerous different types of offers. Globally, they are separated into Web offers and Mobile offers. The first ones comprise online services you can find in the Internet. Traditional advertisers in this section are online games, shops and banks who offer online services.

Mobile offers

Mobile offers are a different story entirely. Their target audience for offers is mobile users. This doesn’t mean that a person browsing a mobile version of an online store is “our guy”. They are still a web offer guy, just viewing the advertised material in another browser. Mobile offers include everything related to mobile platforms and apps. If the offer goal is to install an app or to make an in-app purchase, this is a mobile offer. You might add that all mobile offers operate as CPI.

Offer categories


We call offer categories “verticals”. You will see this term used in our interface.

In our affiliate network, offer categories represent business areas our advertisers fall into. For example, the “Games” category features offers for advertising online games, and the “Finance” category brings together offers from banks, etc. Simple enough, right?

Offer goals for different categories

Offers from same categories not only bring together a common theme, but often similar goals, too. Despite each advertiser having their own goals in mind when posting an offer, similarities in each category are apparent. For example, “Games” offers often include goals such as “Registration in the game” or “Active player”. And “Travel” offers often set a ticket sale as a goal.