Interface overview

Everyday we work towards making our interface the friendliest and easiest among all interfaces on the planet.


That’s why we use a classic and the most transparent navigation:

  1. There are major logical sections on the dashboard navigation channel, which you use to move and deal with your tasks quickly.
  2. There are logical units in each section. You can access them in the left menu, just as always.
  3. On each page we display breadcrumbs for you to always know where you are, regardless what place you are into because of job. It’s impossible to get lost.
  4. If you forgot where to find a section, you can use Search. You can find the section you need by title.

We never leave you alone with a problem:

  1. On each page we give you an access to the documents, made with a lot of love and care to each section. You will find there anything you need.
  2. Never hesitate to contact our technical support. Support button will be on each page, in the same place.
  3. Feedback is a special tool for quick processing of the feedback. Using it, you can share your opinion about the interface or the system on the whole anytime.

We always provide effective data on your account:

  1. Private mail and current information on the account wallet are available on the top left corner. If you have a personal manager (depends on the account status), her contact information will also be there.
  2. We publish all News in a separate section in the section of the Office.

Working with filters

It is a control element of the table content.

That’s why you won’t find lonely filters without a table. Usually a filter looks like this:

working with filters

And what you should do with it:

  1. First, if you don’t like it, you can put it out of sight.
  2. If you like it, using fields, you can filter the content by selected conditions.
  3. When you press Apply button, the filter conditions are saved and only those you want to see are displayed in table. Current filter conditions are displayed under big word Filter.
  4. The filters you’ve applied can be removed one by one, if you press cross next to a condition title.
  5. If you press Discard button all conditions of the filter will be discarded simultaneously.
  6. A set of conditions you like the most can be saved. For this select the favorite conditions, write in a name in field (6) of the filter and press Save.
  7. Those combinations you saved will be available as filter templates.

Working with tables

Human brain easily perceives and remembers information in the form of tables. Therefore, there are a lot of tables in our interface.

tables in interface


You can throw columns away from a table using Drag-n-drop. Just drag the column you don’t need downwards holding its title.

To make your work with tables more convenient, you can use settings:

  1. Navigation over multi-page table is implemented with standard buttons: to the first page, to the previous, to the next one, to the last one.
  2. You can move to a page under a certain number, enter the number and press Enter.
  3. Button table_gear controls the table appearance and information displayed in the table.
  4. Table compact view option will shorten titles in heading to their minimum.
  5. You can throw out the columns, which are useless for you.
  6. You can make a table smaller by reducing number of lines which are displayed simultaneously.